Members of the FRCA operate in a highly regulated environment, so a steady flow of information from the association is crucial. As well as members benefit from an annual conference covering topical issues and strategic insights. We also offer seminars and workshops where members can participate in decision making and hear first-hand from the regulators about decisions affecting their businesses. 

Some of the other key benefits we provide include legal opinion, rental agreement templates and other services.

We also apply bulk buying power. Together, we represent over 100 members, giving us the ability to negotiate competitive rates for members on many services, and even access those not otherwise available.

Key benefits for members

•         Legal advice

•         Industry compliance

•         Shared knowledge and contacts

•         Advocacy

•         Advice on future developments

•         Rental agreements

•         Seminars and workshops

•         Annual conference

•         Trade discounts

•         Information and assistance

Advocacy on behalf of members
The FRCA is constantly representing the interests of our members, especially when it comes to those holding the power to affect the industry. Typical examples include meeting the Minister for Transport who also attended our annual conference via zoom as a speaker.

The FRCA is continually involved in Working and Governance groups, and other forums that are relevant to our members’ business interests. These include high-profile issues such as the safety concerns around visiting drivers, responsible camping and tourism.

From our annual conference to the website you see here, the FRCA never stops promoting members’ interests and helping to make doing business easier.

Whether you’re a non-member weighing up the benefits or a current member wanting our assistance, we’re always happy for you to get in touch.