The Fiji Rental Car Association is the collective voice of member rental car operators in Fiji. Joining the FRCA gives you access to up-to-date information affecting the industry as well as representation to policy makers and Government of the day. The FRCA has developed over the years to now represent over 100 rental car operators in Fiji.

Membership is open to any legally operating rental car business in Fiji with valid rental permits and currently operational. Members of the association vary from large international franchises to small rental businesses currently operating in Fiji with vehicles of all sizes and various passenger numbers in accordance with the Fiji Land Transport Act provisions for rental cars.

All members agree to operate within the rental permit approval guidelines set out by the Land Transport Authority as well as the Code of Ethics (quick link to Code of Ethics) that has been designed for a good reflection of the industry. Annual membership fee of FJD70.00 apply which is a one-off fee until the next Annual General Meeting after which membership is renewed and the annual membership fee re-applies.

There are quite a number of benefits (quick link to Benefits) available when you join the FRCA. You will become one of over one hundred rental car businesses who tend to foresee a genuine value of becoming part of an evolving industry that needs a collective voice for the sustainability and wellbeing of the rental car businesses in Fiji. If you wish to know more, please contact us. (quick link to contact us)