About The Industry

Majority of the rental operators in Fiji are closely linked to the Tourism sector in providing transportation to international travellers to explore Fiji. There is a large local market for the rental car industry with many urban dwellers having close links to their roots in the rural areas that prompts regular travel for family events and holidays resulting in the demand for rental cars from the local sector.

Given the importance of tourism to Fiji and the demand from the international/local sector, there is a consistent need for the rental car operators to rely on key and accurate information from the formal sector that relate to changes, updates and new policies relating to the tourism and rental car industry.

The FRCA plays a key role in keeping a tab on such changes and is the representation for such changes to be communicated to its members as well as make constructive recommendations to the policy makers on matters that affect the rental car industry.

The rental car industry in Fiji is closely regulated by the Land Transport Authority under the Fiji Land Transport Act. This requires a rental car operator to be fully compliant and meet specific legal requirements in order to operate. These requirements include, but not limited to, an operator to have an approved commercial premises, valid rental permits, vehicles must have the compulsory yellow rental plates, valid registration and annual fitness, and their rental agreements must be fair and legally viable under the Consumer Council of Fiji Act and The Fijian Competition & Consumer Commission Act.

We have developed a rental car agreement that was approved by the Consumer Council of Fiji, Fijian Competition & Consumer Commission and Land Transport Authority through our legal counsel that was commissioned by the Consumer Council of Fiji Chief Executive Officer Seema Shandil in 2022. This rental car agreement is now widely used by the FRCA members.

We have also developed and commissioned our new Constitution in 2020 in our response to the forward movement of the rental car industry where the association laws and regulations were updated to suit the demands of the changing sector.

We are the authoritative voice of the rental car industry and we will continue to advocate the interests of the rental car industry and our members.

Our Key Priorities in 2023:

  • Continue to grow FRCA membership.
  • Maintain the Annual General Meetings in accordance with FRCA Constitution and invite key stakeholders to this event for the benefit of our members.
  • Continue to make the public and the media aware of the risks of hiring from unscrupulous and illegal operators who offer private cars as “rental cars”.
  • Reviewing and developing new initiatives for member operators about managing the risks around hirers.
  • Managing and maintaining potential breaches that may impact the rental car industry negatively.
  • Lead the member operators in adapting to technological advancements affecting the industry and creating tools to help them adapt to these changes.
  • Continue to lobby for the member operators in various policy matters where multiple operators are affected.