Complaint Procedure

In the event you have concerns regarding the services provided by a member rental car operator, you are advised to contact them directly for an amicable resolution. We can also assist you forward your complaint to the member concerned and you may complete the below form accordingly.

What You Need To Do

To help you reach a quick resolution, we suggest you contact the rental car operator via email or phone to discuss issues with them directly. Majority of the misunderstandings and concerns are resolved through this simple step.

Being an Association advocating for the member rental car operators in Fiji, it is not appropriate nor fair for us to intervene in concerns and complaints you may have against a member operator.

In your complaint/concerns that you may wish for us to forward to the operator concerned, please include the following information:

  • Name of the operator you are raising concerns against.
  • Copies of documents or letters you have to clarify the issue.
  • Provide a description of the issue by stating what happened and include:
  • Dates and times.
  • Names of other persons involved.
  • Details of possible resolutions that will be fair to you as well as the operator concerned.

Anyone that can help you: