Our members operate in a high risk and competitive environment, hence a steady flow of information to them and from them is vital for the sustainability of the industry. We provide quarterly newsletters, member benefits from related industries along the supply chain, roadshows and workshops where members can participate in voicing their concerns and get to hear from regulators about decisions affecting their industry.

Some of the key benefits we provide are the rental car agreement templates, trade discounts through strategic related industry agreements, escalation of various issues to regulators and government affecting the industry, annual national budget submissions for the wellbeing of the operators, negotiation of various hurdles for ease of doing business and providing advices on matters affecting everyday operating affairs of the rental car operators.

Some successful provisions negotiated by FRCA in the past have been the waiver of Service Turnover Tax (STT) and Environment & Climate Adaptation Levy (ECAL) through its annual national budget submissions, waiver of ACCF fee and reduction in LTA fees during the pandemic, extension of rental permit suspension period from 3 months to 12 months and extension in vehicle annual fitness period.

Other benefits include reaching agreement with related industries along the supply chain to provide fuel discount privileges, discounts on tyres/ car battery prices and plan to get more partners on board in 2023.

An agreement has also been reached with Tourism Fiji to promote Fiji as a destination of choice and simultaneously promote member rental car operators near their destination of arrival as a priority.

We also provide our members with their own personal log ins to access private information the FRCA provides for their daily operations as well as forms and quick link to regulators and key industry partners.

We make rental car operators come together to share their good practices and difficulties and form the voice of their concerns to the policy makers.

Key Benefits for members:

  • Guidance on legal matters
  • Advocacy
  • Rental agreement template
  • Roadshows and workshops
  • Annual Conference with key stakeholders at the Annual General Meetings
  • Information and assistance
  • Shared contacts and knowledge
  • Advises on industry developments and future changes
  • Trade discounts
  • Industry compliance
  • Annual national budget submissions