Code of Ethics

The Fiji Rental Car Association aims to maintain a high standard of ethical trading among its members. As such, the FRCA has implemented the following Code of Ethics that evolve around the safety, premises, vehicle standards, advertising and customer service:


  • All member operators shall operate their businesses in a fair and ethical manner in the best interest of the public and not engage in activities that bring disrepute to their business and the FRCA.
  • The members shall comply with the Fiji Land Transport Act, its subsequent amendments and all other regulatory laws governing consumer and fair trading as well as the conditions set out in the rental permit approvals issued by the Land Transport Authority.
  • The members shall provide service in all honesty and courtesy that protect the public from unethical practices relating to the hiring of rental cars.


  • All members shall operate from a registered place of business and fully comply with all the regulatory/Land Transport Authority requirements.
  • The normal place of business shall be known to the FRCA for display on the website and for record keeping. Any changes to premises and contact details shall be communicated to FRCA at all times.
  • The premises shall meet the NFA/OHS/LTA standards and be presented professionally and cleanly to customers.

Vehicle Standards

  • All vehicles in the fleet shall comply with all requirements pertaining to fitness and safety standards shall meet at least the minimum requirements for fitness certification at all times. No vehicle with a known defect shall be offered for hire to protect customers from unnecessary risks and inconvenience.
  • All vehicle shall be clean and full serviced with all mechanical and general checks done and confirmed okay prior to offering for hire.
  • In situations where a particular vehicle is reserved for hire, any subsequent variations related to vehicle becoming unavailable must be discussed with customer in advance and approved by them. Customers shall have the right to cancel the advance booking and receive a full refund of any deposit made when the member operator is unable to meet the requirement of the customers.


  • Members shall not make misleading statements nor use ambiguous information in their advertisements. All advertisements shall comply with commercial legislations and fair trading principles.
  • All advertisements shall have correct information and no member shall advertise prices that are not generally available. Malicious intents just to lure customers by advertising false prices and then offering them vehicles on actual prices shall not be practiced. Limitations on any special pricing shall be clearly indicated in the advertisement.
  • The FRCA strongly recommends all members to make use of the following phrase “Member of the Fiji Rental Car Association” in their advertisements.
  • Where required, the term “Conditions Apply” shall be stated in the advertisement where all terms and conditions cannot be captured in the advertisement.

Customer Service

  • The members shall clearly explain and point out all terms and conditions of the rental car agreement as well as the road safety rules to the customers prior to hire so that the customers have adequate knowledge of the terms and road safety rules for the safe use of the vehicles.
  • There shall be no hidden charges and all charges that apply in various situations ranging from bond and traffic infringements to road accidents shall be declared to the customers. No customers are to be held liable to charges not declared prior to incurrence.
  • The insurance clauses under the rental car agreement are to be clearly explained to the customers or have them read their rights, responsibilities and liabilities in situations where vehicles are damaged or involved in road accidents.
  • All customers shall be clearly explained the full implications of cancelling advance bookings and deposits as well as of the situations where vehicles that were booked in advance become unavailable due to various reasons. Customers shall have the right to cancel the advance booking and receive a full refund of any deposit made when the member operator is unable to meet the requirement of the customers.
  • Members shall declare the level of service rendered in the event of a breakdown. The extent and the nature of that service shall be made known to the customers prior to hire.
  • The obligations and responsibilities shall be clearly relayed to the customers while the vehicles are under their care prior to entering into the rental car agreement.
  • Professional service standards shall be maintained in customer dealings and all efforts to solve disagreements amicably shall be prioritized at all times.